Monday, October 31, 2011

Gwinnett's Dysfunctional Animal Advisory Council's Meeting Minutes

For those who wonder what wonderful work on dysfunctional animal advisory council offers our county commissioners - here's the minutes to October's Animal Advisory Councils meeting.

Keep in mind with all the issues we have with Gwinnett's current shelter policies this same advisory council chaired by AKC legislative liason Gail Laberge cancelled July's meeting for a lack of anything meaningful to discuss. With a shelter still killing 80% of it's cats one would think adopting out afew more at the local Petco is hardly going to make any difference for the hundreds of cats who will be killed because both the animal advisory council and shelter director Lt Respess have stone walled repeated request for the shelter to support a local volunteer Facebook page that could have helped promote these cats and the dogs being killed at the shelter if only Respess and Laberge greeted meaningful suggestions with anything but excuses and the word NO.

With all the hundreds of cats being slaughtered every week the current advisory cound has no one from feline rescue on the advisory council since the previous advisory resiigned last December. As we have repeatedly discussed for three years now the current advisory council is not only dysfunctional but in fact negligent in tending the basic issues the board has been tasked with in favor of promoting the special interests of gail Laberge in her role as AKC legislative representative.

Pet owners deserve a real voice for pets moving Gwinnett forward in solving our pet overpopulation issues including those voices who understand one of the critical issues that MUST be addressed in breeder licensing which would differiente between responsible breeders who are allies in our war on pet overpopulation with irresponsible breeders who are clearly part of the problem.

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  1. Since I attended the meeting, I find it highly suspicious the minutes fail to reflect Laberge accusing the IT dept for failure to create/maintian a facebook page for these desperate animals.

    And, that before Montgomery urged the public to create personal facebook pages w/ accurate listings of GCAC animals, Respess stated the public could call or come in to get updated info on "a few" of the animals, but staff may or may not be able to accommodate the general public because they currently have three unfilled staff positions.

    No one will be able to maintain accurate listings without current information given to the public sector. Explanation: Respess will obviously continue to ignore pleas from the public for exposure for these desperate souls unless forced.

    Email your commissioner today- there is a current list of counties who are working with their volunteers to maintain highly effective facebook pages. There is no excuse for GCAC not to do the same. They may not have the staff, but numerous individuals have offered their help with this important endeavor.

    Also stated by Laberge during the October GAAC meeting was the issue of "liability" regarding internal data. In order to facilitate a facebook page, the public will need to know which animals are leaving this facility and which ones will never walk out again alive.