Friday, May 1, 2009

Reminder - Dep of Ag "Companion Animal Advisory Board" Meeting Sat May 2nd

If your involved in rescue, if you care about puppy mills that seem to skip from one warning to the next, if your concerned about why some shelters still gas, if your concerned about why there isn't any plan for bringing shelters into the same compliance requirements that rescue groups are held to the you really need to show up for Saturday's Dept of Ag's "Animal Advisory Board" meeting.

This meeting will be held at 1:00 PM, 19 Martin Luther King Jr Drive SW, Atlanta, Ga 30334. It's open to the public.

My attempts at getting a copy of the meetings agenda failed despite "open meetings" requirements that the agenda be posted. In fact, it seems that for years now this group has "governed" or offered advise on "governing" for years now bypassing the laws requirements of transparency to the public.

I was able to discover - "I think" that the group is chaired by Carolyn Danese and Co-chaired by AKC's Gail Laberge. This group is critical in moving any statewide agenda that addresses puppy mill enforcement, shelter operations, the gassing issue or a number of other companion animal issues in Georgia. For years it too has been a closely guarded "boys and girls" club that operates at the pleasure of Tommy Irvin. The decisions made here trickle down to bad policies that effect each and every county in the state.

You can read more in my recent expose at:

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