Friday, May 1, 2009

Tomorrow's DOA Meeting CANCELED

One of the advocates planning on attending tomorrow afternoon's meeting of the Department of Agriculture's "Companion Animal Advisory Board" has been informed by Mary Green's office the meeting is "canceled".

According to Susan Berryman, who works in Mary Greene's office, Mary is in Savannah for the weekend and she seemed to think that the May 2nd date was a "typo". She claims the meeting was scheduled for May 12th, but overheard that has been canceled (was erased from Mary Greene's calendar.

The May 2nd date was given to me on the telephone when I originally consulted with the Department of Ag office weeks ago. It was verified as a response to my open records request by return mail PRIOR to my announcing that date to the various rescue groups and advocates who were planning on attending.

One is left to guess whether this was a deliberate attempt to keep this group's activity out of the public eye which would be an egregious violation of the open meeting act this group is required by law to follow.

For those of us who now have to reschedule OUR weekend at this late hour my suggestion is to make our voices heard loud and clear - "this lack of professionalism is NOT acceptable" for a group who exists to serve the public's needs - not their own.

At this point the "meeting" has been rescheduled for August 11th BUT I certainly wouldn't take THAT to the bank.

Contact list to demand an explanation as to why this group feels it is above following the law. -

Carolyn Danese Companion Animal Advisory Board Chairperson

Gail Laberge Companion Animal Advisory Board Vice-Chairperson

Mary Greene phone 404-656-4914

Obviously, this group needs a much more extensive investigation into how it operates and why it seems intent on remaining so secretive.

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