Tuesday, January 18, 2011

2010 - Animal Advisory Reform Resolution

Today, I will go in front of the BOC once again to ask for an Up or Down vote on this proposal. All of the talking points are in this recently written article that discusses the changes built into the Animal Advisory Reform Resolution.

Here's a link to a complete analysis and talking points for Animal Advisory Reform Resolution proposed.

We need letters supporting this resolution to be sent to the board of commissioners and Glenn Stephens, the county administrator. To put it simply, this resolution gives YOU - the pet owners in our community - a VOICE in making recommendations and giving advise on animal issues to our commissioners.

Allowing or blocking this resolution from an Up or Down vote will be viewed as an attempt to block citizen involvement in our animal welfare issues.

In the event that the BOC "chooses" to take this action "We the Pet Owners of Gwinnett" is prepared to challenge the legality of any advisory commission that EXCLUDES voter input.

This issue isn't one that is up to negotiation - we want and demand that our voices are part of the political process. I would encourage our commissioners to understand the will of pet owners in our community and to expedite this important issue to a public hearing on the commissioner's calendar.

We are prepared to organize a citizens advisory council which will circumvent any not recognized advisory council by submitting our issues, questions and proposals directly TOO the elected officials WE voted for to protect our interests This might not be the most effective way of governing but we'll leave that choice to the commissioners themselves. Like I said, this isn't open for negotiation.

Citizens are encouraged to email, call their commissioner supporting our resolution. Contact info as follows:

District 1 Commissioner: Shirley Lasseter
(R); 2012

District 2 Commissioner: Lynette Howard
(R); 2014

District 3 Commissioner: Mike Beaudreau
(R); 2012

District 4 Commissioner: John Heard
(R); 2014

Glenn Stephens - County Administrator

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