Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Commissioner Beaudreau "Create Animal Welfare Task Force"

Commissioner Beaudreau has issued a statement on the animal welfare issues facing his county in his January "A Note from Mike" newsletter.  The newsletter inself addresses a number of important issues in our district - here is the section that relates to animal welfare issues.

Mike writes: "I spent some time during the holidays thinking about my 2011 goals, and I would like to share them with you:

"The county should create an Animal Welfare Task Force that would make recommendations to improve the way our animal shelter operates and to make any needed modifications to the animal control ordinance.  This would include looking at how animal control is handled in peer counties, the composition and reporting responsibility of the Animal Advisory Board and the possibility of involving more volunteers at the shelter."

The task force itself will follow the path taken by "Engage Gwinnett" with the focus on animal welfare issues.  We appreciate Mike efforts in bringing these important discussions forward.  We support any transparent discussion that brings about positive change at our shelter, is inclusive and gives pet owners a voice in this process.

We look forward to continuing our discussion with the county commissioners, it is through this collaboration that all of our voices will be heard.

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